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Call me a travel bug a vagabond or a thirsty Sapien, avenging myself, to get out of the comforts of my home and gift myself the joy of embracing journeys, that will fill my hearts brim with impactful stories. Gathered over 15 years of long sojourns with my travels, to some of the most exquisite places, meeting some invincible characters, with a piquancy to relish ‘ every bit of the beauty that this great piece of land has to proffer.

Life has been kind, people have been benevolent and my mind ever ready to take on the travels that sometimes had no time for planning. “At the drop of the hat” was all the time I had, many a time… 

I have travelled as a student, to all the luck. Pursuing studies in travel and tourism was a bonus. As an intern ( ah one of its kind at that, of being the only student in a class of 30 to have interned with a wildlife tourism operator- a rarity back in 2003). My work took me places as my first job involved extensive travel to some very remote, quiet parts and regions. The traveller in me saw more of “everything” when work involved field component and lo, the highway my beckoning, my bag pack my warrior and my car my companion. 

Sometimes… it’s the emptiness – palaces and fortresses whispering tales of a grand past, sometimes the eerie silence of visiting caves and tunnels with the heart beating fast as the rumbles of trains approaching. Sometimes it’s just Nothingness… staring into it! 

These are my experiences, written here- what my eyes beheld, what my heart palpated and what my ears resound with…

Read on to delve into some heart wrenching, awe-inspiring stories from the natural world, of forest and jungles, of stories of people and their lives. This website will contain lyrical travelogue, personal insights, provocative conversations and accounts of heritage, culture and traditional local cuisines. It may also reflect on trends and what’s going on around the world, a note or a gist of Researched studies… Everything I want to write about, everything I want to talk about…. With a tinge of ME of course

Bon voyage! The forces have been kind to me

As Rumi rightly says, “ travel brings power and love back to your life……. I saw life and love, in every travel of mine and hope my writings does the same to all of you, right here, right now!






Hello, my name is Ross.

How I started traveling

Travel is not free and expensive for most, especially younger folk. Equally it is hard to gauge just how expensive it is with would be travellers often benchmarking costs from the price of travel on tours in glossy brochures. But travel is far less expensive than you many think especially if your trip is done mainly independently.
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