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With about two decades of experience in the Sustainability, Tourism, Conservation Science, Environment and Communities domains. I consult on Sustainable Tourism for Luxury Resorts, Hotels, Homestays, Glamping and Camping facilities.


I consult for the States and Central Government Tourism Departments on Sustainable Destination Development, Plan and implementation.

My strength lies in combining Applied Sciences and the integration of sound research with practical applications resulting in robust implementation in the domains of Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism and Community based tourism.

My suggestions have been included in Government dossiers. I am armed with extensive field knowledge and have contributed towards policy decisions in the Sustainable tourism and Ecotourism sectors, that are inclusive in nature. Strategic Planning, programme management, stakeholder consultations, community engagements, impact investing, Social, Environment and Tourism Impact Assessments, Negotiations and partnerships are my core strengths. 


I offer Consultancy and Advisory Services, Writing Services (Articles, Paid promotions, Blogs), Research (TIA, SIA, EIA), Sustainability Consulting, Training, Education and Capacity Building, Expert led Curated Experiences and Trails (Handpicked to satiate the Soul!)


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